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Ministries of the Month

Each month Chapel Hill Church will be donating to a different charity/organization. Here are the most current:

Ministries of the Month

January: Veterans Tiny Home Village

February: Bethesda Mission Women and Children Shelter

March: Human Life Services (Life Choices) ministry for pregnant girls.

April: Wittle Farms

May: Big Brother/Big Sister

June: Cumberland Vista 

July: Ronald McDonald House

August: West Shore Fire Bureau

September: East Pennsboro Elementary School

October: Toys for Tots

November: Medard's House

December: Christmas Fund (Veteran's of the Cross)

Quarters for the Quarter

In addition to the Ministries of the Month, Chapel Hill Church will donate any quarters left with the offering to the following charities:

January - March: Heifer Project

April - June: Gideons

July - September: Ecumenical Food Pantry

October - December: OGHS, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church


In addition, monthly contributions will be made to OCWM (Our Churches Wider Mission) and UC Home Auxiliary

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