Outreach Monthly Focus

Outreach Focus—March

One Great Hour of Sharing

“You Shall Be Called Repairers of the Breach” Isaiah 58
All throughout the month of March our Outreach emphasis
is on “One Great Hour of Sharing.” Previously, we
contributed over $300 to OGHS.
Perhaps Jesus knew that one of our greatest challenges
as human beings would be to understand our oneness.
That is why one of his last acts was to pray for unity. In
our unity, we reconnecting to ourselves, to one another.
For almost 7 decades, OGHS money has helped people
reconnect and make a difference in the lives of people and
communities around the world by pooling resources, leveraging
funds, and serving through partnerships.
Gifts given to OGHS empower people in poverty to
learn a trade, raise their own food, and grow in faith.
Each gift makes a connection that builds a bridge, or tears
down a wall. Each gift answers God’s call to love our
neighbor, because in Christ, we are one family.


"Quarters for the Quarter

Quarters for the Quarter

The Caring Fund

The Outreach Commission is continuing the tradition of choosing a charitable organization or fund for support during each “quarter” of the year by the donation of quarters.  All loose quarters placed in the weekly offering plate are forwarded, at the end of the quarter, to the specified organization.  For the first quarter - January, February, March – of 2020, the quarters will be designated for the Caring Fund.  This is a fund for assistance to Chapel Hill’s own members and friends of the congregation who are experiencing hard times.  Disbursements from the Caring Fund are limited to no more than $100 per person, per request and are made by the Treasurer at the request of the Pastor. 

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